Valuiza makes software free for advisers

Touch screen mobile phone, in hand

Client feedback collection company Valuiza is launching a new survey to map Australian advice clients’ experiences, and will make its software freely available to participating practices.

The Australia-wide survey, being conducted in early 2018, is intended to change public perception of financial advice and increase the percentage of the public who trust advisers from the 24 per cent measured in 2015.

“The results [of the 2018 survey] will be used to generate a major report to share positive stories with the public, while educating and adding value to the industry (and its practitioners) to drive change,” the company said in a statement.

The company will offer participating practices with access to the entire Valuiza platform during the survey initiative, as well as the final report – which the company said can be used to benchmark a practice against its peers.

“Together we can improve the reputation of our industry, and encourage many more Australians to seek the financial advice they need,” the statement said.