Social media success needs ‘pro-active’ approach

Advisers should adopt a pro-active approach when using social media, particularly if they are to successfully engage with prospective clients, says Bluewire Media.

Speaking at the Adviser Innovation Digital Marketing Boot Camp in Sydney last week, Bluewire Media founder, Adam Franklin, said social media will only prove fruitful if it is used pro-actively.

In order to get results, he said advisers must be “pro-active enough in hunting for opportunities”.

Mr Franklin cited LinkedIn as an example, saying advisers should reach out to people and connect with them rather than solely publishing content.

“One of the best things to do with social media in terms of prospecting is to get a relationship off LinkedIn as soon as possible.”

Mr Franklin also listed the most viable social media platforms for advisers. “The platforms that I do recommend considering are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram, [but] you don’t need to be on all of them.”

When creating content, advisers should leverage off their area of expertise and market it across several platforms.

“When you have a new piece of content [whether that is a] blog article, podcast, video or flagship piece of content, it is actually helpful to let people know it exists.”

“Quite simply, email it to your subscribers, email it to people mentioned in the blog post, or if you have interviewed someone maybe let them know because maybe they will share it with their subscribers.”