AdviserLogic partners with software integrator


AdviserLogic’s adviser software can now integrate with over 1,000 apps after the business brokered a deal with application integrator Zapier.

In a statement, the company said it had partnered with Zapier to allow AdviserLogic users to link their accounts to other apps and create triggers and rules within those apps to give both advisers and clients more functionality.

“Integration is what advisers are crying out for and nobody seemed to be taking them seriously,” said AdviserLogic chief executive Daniel Gara.

“By developing a broad API and integrating that with Zapier, we’re enabling our clients to easily integrate their AdviserLogic accounts with popular apps such as Google Calendar, Calendly, Xero, Evernote, Formstack and many more.”

The partnership will allow AdviserLogic to integrate with “over 1,000 other applications”, the statement said.

Mr Gara said AdviserLogic is focused on making its software easier for advisers to use.

“We’ve invested in integration. We’ve invested in adviser efficiency. We’re committed to financial planning,” he said.