Platform relaunch to better harness big data

Concept of fast internet with running businessman with a laptop

A new platform has been reintroduced into the financial advice market to better equip firms to utilise big data to drive business growth.

As part of the relaunch, Xeppo is equipped with a new API, improved project workflow features and increased security, as well as a new pricing structure and website, according to a statement.

Xeppo managing director Paul Campbell said the relaunched software would position the company for strong growth over the coming years.

“It was designed specifically to address the biggest issue that integrated financial advisory and accounting practices face – having client information stored across various, siloed, software systems,” Mr Campbell said.

Mr Campbell said Xeppo is particularly useful for larger, integrated practices looking to connect their accounting systems with other key databases within a cloud-based environment.

“Clients are expecting more from firms these days. You need to have very quick access to data to respond, and you need to be able to trust the data you are using to deliver services and make recommendations to the client,” he said.

“If you can’t rely on the accuracy of the data, or cannot access it easily, you’re really going to struggle to remain relevant to the client and as a result sustain and grow your business.”

Founded in 2014, Xeppo pulls together client information from a wide range of financial services cloud and on-premise applications into a single interface, with the consolidated information made available to clients through a client dashboard.