Ethical investment guide released for advisers

AXA Investment Managers has teamed up with the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia to release its adviser guide to responsible and ethical investment.

The guide provides advisers with practical ways to incorporate responsible and ethical investment practices into their businesses to better meet client requests, according RIAA chief executive Simon O’Connor.

Further, he said it sets out to demystify responsible investment to help advisers have meaningful conversations with clients on the topic.

“Evidence continues to mount that responsible investments have the potential to deliver stronger risk-adjusted returns for investors,” Mr O’Connor said.

“Advisers can no longer afford not to be informed. The good news is that by accessing the guide … advisers can strengthen their knowledge in this area, to deliver the best advice to clients.”

AXA IM head of wholesale Michelle Lacey said the challenge for financial advisers is determining what approach aligns best to a client’s individual circumstances and values.

“While more and more people are asking their financial adviser about RI, there’s a degree of mystery surrounding it,” Ms Lacey said.

“RI covers a wide range of approaches, and it’s essential advisers have access to enough information to make informed decisions on responsible investments based on the needs of clients.”