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Wealth management technologies changing the game in China

New innovative wealth management technologies could change how Australian wealth management companies can better interac...Read More

Robo-advisers surging in demand amid COVID crisis

In the last few months, research has shown a surge in the number of investors using robo-advice services globally. ...Read More

Advisers shifting in thinking towards value generation for clients

Research has shown that financial advisers are evolving on how they provide value to clients. ...Read More

How AMP's bot is streamlining the advice journey

Over-60s are the biggest users of AMP’s new Facebook Messenger bot, which has greatly assisted advisers to better conn...Read More

Raiz sees mixed growth during COVID-19 

Digital micro investing app Raiz has recorded continued growth in active customers during May, however its super product...Read More

COVID-19 sees financial services hammered by cyber attacks

Due to the rapid increase in digital transformation, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused financial services companies to be...Read More
Steve Long

How COVID-19 has stepped up innovation in financial services

More than 90 per cent of Australian businesses have changed their technology priorities amid the coronavirus pandemic, w...Read More


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