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Number of advisers using HUB24 spikes in last 12 months

The number of advisers using the HUB24 platform has grown by over 1,000 in the last 12 months. Read More

New tech platform ‘reimagines’ how clients engage with advisers

Myprosperity has announced a new tech platform that “reimagines” how households engage with their financial advise...Read More

Midwinter announces new head of product

Midwinter has announced a new head of product for the company. Read More
Tim Poskitt

The race towards financial innovation: Why major companies are increas...

While banks have always played a central role in facilitating financial activity in modern economies — and still do...Read More

Aussie CEO says ASIC not being supportive of digital advice is a ‘my...

An Australian CEO says there are certain myths about digital advice and compliance within the advice industry, one of wh...Read More

Robo-advice ‘should not cause concern’ for planners

Financial services minister Jane Hume has encouraged financial advisers to embrace what robo-advice can do for the futur...Read More

Hume says policing TikTok advice would inhibit innovation, progress

Jane Hume is adamant that curtailing finfluencers via legislation would be equivalent to creating a nanny state with “...Read More

Advisers need to up their tech-savviness to tap into the burgeoning mi...

A new report has revealed advisers will have to up their digital capabilities to ensnare a younger millennial audience. ...Read More

Australian digital platform launches in North America

A local digital platform has expanded to North America. Read More
Craig Keary

Digital advice key to improving advice engagement for consumers

The role of technology in financial advice, and how beneficial (or otherwise) it can be, has been the subject of much ...Read More

Iress grants private equity firm extension on proposed buyout

Iress has agreed to grant an additional 10 days of exclusivity to a private equity firm’s proposed buyout. Read More

Crypto giant announces new CEO

Binance Australia on Monday announced the appointment of a new chief executive to the business. Binance is Austral...Read More

Aussies in need of financial help prefer social media to their own ban...

Social media might not have the best reputation for dispensing financial advice, but it’s still more popular among Aus...Read More

Banks moving to mimic neobanks with wellness tools

  After being caught off guard by BNPL, banks are thinking more seriously about financial wellness. ...Read More

FPA collaborating with ASIC on paperless SOA

The industry body has said it's working with ASIC to create a paperless SOA, after a Liberal MP slammed the current regu...Read More


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