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Advisers turn to social media for brand awareness

Social media is proving to be an effective source of referrals for some advisers. Read More

Regtech could be the solution to finfluencer conundrum, ASIC says

ASIC has suggested that regtech companies could facilitate online discussions about financial products and services, r...Read More

Industry applauds budget initiatives backing digital capability and in...

Measures in the budget targeted at expanding the digital capability of businesses and building a stronger innovati...Read More

Metaverse expectations high among Aussie executives

Over 90 per cent of local executives believe that the metaverse will have a positive impact on their organisation. ...Read More

HUB24 reports record net inflows

The investment platform reported a surge in net profit after tax of 103 per cent. Read More

Iress reports full-year earnings guidance

The investment software provider said results are in line with earnings guidance. Read More

Praemium posts record FUA of $49bn

Praemium posted record FUA of $49 billion, up 43 per cent. Read More

Advisers alerted to increased risk of cyber attacks due to Ukraine

Advisers are being urged to ensure their systems are protected and to communicate a heightened cyber threat to their cli...Read More

How the pandemic has strengthened the advisers-client relationship

Technology has strengthened an adviser’s capabilities and facilitated the creation of a deeper relationship with clien...Read More

Praemium announces sale of international business to Morningstar

Praemium has entered into an agreement to sell 100 per cent of its operations in United Kingdom, Jersey, Hong Kong and ...Read More

ASIC launches financial adviser hub to increase regulatory certainty

ASIC has launched its financial adviser hub to increase regulatory certainty in the industry. Read More

AIOFP slams government’s robo-advice push

The AIOFP has accused the government of overlooking the facts as it pursues the introduction of robo-advice. ...Read More

Licensing regime to enable advisers to advise on crypto deemed unneces...

A recommendation to allow financial advisers to give advice on cryptocurrencies was not included in Senator Bragg’s pr...Read More


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