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Annuities added to HUB24 platform

Annuities added to HUB24 platform

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By elaina ·
May 20 2019

Annuities added to HUB24 platform

Advisers will be able to access a new set of annuities through the HUB24 platform, giving them and their clients access to retirement solutions alongside other investments in their portfolio.

HUB24 announced the following three Challenger products are available on its platform:

  • Challenger Guaranteed Annuity (Liquid Lifetime);
  • Challenger Guaranteed Annuity; and
  • Challenger CarePlus.

Advisers can now generate quotes, submit new applications and view their clients' Challenger annuity alongside their existing investments on the platform.

According to HUB24, advisers and their retiree clients regard longevity risk as one of their top challenges and are looking for effective solutions to mitigate risk, with an Investment Trends survey finding that 59 per cent of advisers intend to recommend annuities in the year ahead.

HUB24 managing director Andrew Alcock said having access to regular cash flow in retirement is a top priority for clients.

"We are committed to continually enhancing the range of investment solutions available for advisers and their clients," Mr Alcock said.

"Using our ConnectHUB capability, with open architecture design and unique data integration capabilities, we can seamlessly integrate data from external providers and efficiently add new product options."

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