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Partnerships crucial to successful fintech implementation

Partnerships crucial to successful fintech implementation

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By elaina ·
March 07 2017

Partnerships crucial to successful fintech implementation

Collaboration between technology and the people using it is crucial to ensuring strong outcomes for users, according to YTML.

Speaking at the inaugural Fintech Business Awards in Sydney, YTML chief executive Kevin Liao - who was a finalist for the Fintech Entrepreneur of the Year Award - said collaboration is key when it comes to providing solutions to financial services clients.

"We do not believe technology in itself, is a solution. It requires a partnership between people and technology to create magic," Mr Liao said. "YTML's ability to collaborate and solve challenges in the financial services sector set it apart."

YTML, which also was also recognised as a finalist in the categories of Software Innovator of the Year and Compliance Innovator of the Year, has grown from a start-up to a business with more than 30 staff and contracts with major financial institutions.


"We want to help the financial services industry be better by building and creating bespoke solutions that solve their business challenges," he said. "This is a mission and we have a solid track record in now delivering on this."

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