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ACBC launches adviser-focused bonds website

ACBC launches adviser-focused bonds website

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By tlewis ·
January 27 2016

ACBC launches adviser-focused bonds website

The Australian Corporate Bond Company (ACBC) has launched a new website that helps advisers calculate the potential outcomes of investing in exchange traded bond units (XTBs).

The website features two portals tailored to advisers; a two-way yield and price calculator covering fixed and floating bond rates and a cash flow tool that enables advisers to build a portfolio of 10 XTBs and see the timeline of coupon payments during the life of the investment, a statement by ACBC said.

ACBC chief executive Richard Murphy said the website allows advisers to further understand how XTBs and corporate bonds can benefit their clients' portfolios.

"With more functionality and interactivity, our new website supports users through the educational journey," he said.

"For advisers, we've also developed a more advanced cash flow modelling tool that allows advisers to gain further detailed analysis to assist them in implementing their client portfolios."

The website also features interactive elements such as explanatory videos and scrolling tickers that contain detailed information on each XTB, the statement said.

"In just the first few weeks of the website going live, we've seen a broad range of XTBs added to portfolios via our tools and calculators, indicating that both the tools and the product are resonating well with the market," Mr Murphy said.




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