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Advice industry must collaborate: AFA

Advice industry must collaborate: AFA

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By Alice ·
October 26 2015

Advice industry must collaborate: AFA

The advice community needs to collaborate with one another, AFA national president Deborah Kent emphasised as one of the key messages of her opening address at the AFA 2015 National Adviser Conference in Cairns.

Speaking to delegates at the Cairns Convention Centre, Ms Kent said the advice community has faced numerous challenges, including the Life Insurance Framework reforms, FOFA and the rise of robo advice.

"I don't know about you, but I get very weary about it," she said. "But we are resilient and we are adaptable and never ever lose sight of what you do and why you do it."

Ms Kent said this year's conference was all about celebrating advice as it pushes forward with the quest to become a profession.

This theme was continued this morning at the Inspire Breakfast, sponsored by ANZ.

Keynote speaker Alexis George, managing director - insurance at ANZ Global Wealth, reinforced the need for greater equality for women in superannuation and equal pay for equal work.

She described the inequality in superannuation between women and men as a "horrendous statistic".


"We have to make conscious efforts to talk about women and to make conscious efforts to change that," Ms George said.

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