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AdviserLogic launches interface enhancements

AdviserLogic launches interface enhancements

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By elaina ·
February 05 2016

AdviserLogic launches interface enhancements

Software provider AdviserLogic has launched AdviserLogic 2.0, which includes several enhancements to the user interface that are in response to adviser feedback.

In a statement, the head of product development Daniel Gara said the enhancements include a redesign of the "Adviser Home" as well as a revamped "Client Home".

"We are always conscious of changing adviser needs and are very sensitive to their feedback," he said.

"AdviserLogic 2.0 therefore has both increased functionality and a more modern, fresh look. Our thinking is that the easier to use we make our software, the more time advisers will have to do what they do best - spending time with clients and building relationships."

The statement said advisers who previewed the new features have responded positively.

Wealth Elements director Dean Van Zyl said the improved design will help his practice easily manage a range of functions, from daily tasks to reviews and fee disclosure.

"Being able to customize segmentation shortcuts and easily navigate between key management tools has made the organization of tasks easier and less time-consuming," he said.


"If these enhancements are a reflection of what is to come, then having this software at our disposal will only increase productivity within our business."

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