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AdviserLogic upgrades insurance module

AdviserLogic upgrades insurance module

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By elaina ·
August 07 2015

AdviserLogic upgrades insurance module

AdviserLogic has updated its insurance quoting and comparison module RiskLogic.

RiskLogic will now include further legacy product research as well as quoting and research on over 1,200 insurance products in the group, platform and industry fund space.

AdviserLogic head of development, Daniel Gara said, the upgrade allows advisers to provide clients with qualitative information in the effort to explain how product features differ.

"The enhanced analysis allows advisers to identify feature-based strengths and weaknesses and it's all right at their fingertips," said Mr Gara.

The new data set, provided by Rice Warner, allows advisers to compare a client's legacy policy with other products in order to speed up SoA preparation.

RiskLogic will also include multi-life discounts, adjustment of premiums for commission rebating, flexi-linking and optimisation and premium projection.

Ashleigh Jaremyn, head of technical and software at My Planner Australia who uses RiskLogic, has endorsed the new enhancements.


"This new AdviserLogic development provides a fantastic, easy-to-use comparison tool for those advisers providing risk advice. It is wonderful to see a software provider continually progressing their software to help advisers in what they do."

Rice Warner consultant Alastair Adamson said: "Rice Warner has been working in the Australian insurance industry for three decades, and we pride ourselves on the breadth, depth and accuracy of the insurance data."

"Our staff have a depth of knowledge of retail insurance, group insurance and superannuation that allow us to keep at the forefront of research," Mr Adamson said.

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