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AFA launches initiative for new advisers

AFA launches initiative for new advisers

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By elaina ·
February 03 2017

AFA launches initiative for new advisers

The AFA has announced a new Genxt program designed to assist new and aspiring advisers connect with other members of the industry.

According to a statement, the Adviser Peer Pod will be held in major capital cities around the country on 2 February 2017.

The events will run every four months and are designed to help new and aspiring advisers build relationships with others in the Genxt community.

"The primary objective of the Adviser Peer Pod is to help connect like-minded advisers and equip them with ideas that, potentially, they can take back to implement in their own practices," said Genxt national chair Ben Nash.

During the Adviser Peer Pod, advisers will be placed into small groups and then assigned a series of questions to discuss, the statement said.

"The first set of questions will be around the topic of influential communication, a skill critical to success for anyone working in the advice industry," Mr Nash said.

"At this session, advisers will talk through key areas around influential communication and will have the opportunity to learn from their peers."


The Adviser Peer Pod will be hosted by Genxt state chairs and is free for AFA members.

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