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AIA to launch tool hub for advisers

AIA to launch tool hub for advisers

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By elaina ·
October 19 2015

AIA to launch tool hub for advisers

AIA Australia is set to launch a new hub for advisers, providing them with a series of tools and calculators to help boost their businesses.

The AIA is set to launch the new service for advisers called the Business Growth Hub on Friday 23 October 2015.

The initiative comes off the back of the insurer's series of adviser forums held across the country to facilitate conversation between AIA and advisers about how to best manage changes to the Life Insurance Framework.

The hub will provide advisers with tools needed to build their business in the areas of optimisation, product and service, client insights and technical support.

It is also understood that the AIA's new iPhone app will be made available through the hub, which allows advisers oversight of all their clients' policies or applications.

Another tool which will be included in the hub is a newly launched software tool, Connection Engine, which was designed by South Australia-based adviser Michael Baragwanath.

Speaking to Adviser Innovation's sister publication, Risk Adviser, Mr Baragwanath said he is really pleased to partner with AIA with the initiative.


"Our solution is all about helping people grow their business with technology and there is common alignment in helping advisers help more people," he said.

"AIA's investment in support for advisers is well timed and we're excited to be part of the project."

"We've had some really exciting and positive conversations with licensees and insurers. A major insurer getting behind a new start up like Connection Engine demonstrates an appetite to find tomorrow's solutions, today," Mr Baragwanath said.

AIA plan to make a full announcement regarding the tool hub on Friday 23 October, following the final adviser forum in Perth.

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