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Australian fintechs team up for new advice integration

Australian fintechs team up for new advice integration

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By Jon Bragg ·
October 25 2021

Australian fintechs team up for new advice integration

The new integration between iFactFind and Worksorted could save practices an estimated one to two hours each day.

iFactFind and Worksorted have announced a new strategic partnership aimed at facilitating client data transfer and boosting efficiency in financial advice practices.

The two fintechs estimate that the new two-way integration between iFactFind’s digital fact find solution and Worksorted’s customer relationship management system could save practices between one to two hours of manual data correction and re-entry each day.

iFactFind co-founder Dr Paul Moran said it was important for technology providers to collaborate and simplify processes for advisers.

“There is so much regulatory, structural and economic change that advisers need to think about. They shouldn’t have to worry about systems integration and maintaining accurate client data too,” Dr Moran said.

“Advisers use multiple systems to deliver advice so it is imperative to have technology that talks to each other to maximise efficiencies and manage ongoing compliance obligations.”

According to Dr Moran, iFactFind aims to “improve the quality and accuracy of client data, enhance the client experience and boost practice efficiency” and facilitates data feeds to a range of other technology providers, including Xplan.


Worksorted CEO Simon Betchley said that integrations with “best-of-breed technologies” were an ongoing focus for the company, which now has a total of 15 integrations.

“As the operational heart of our clients’ businesses, we want to continue providing solutions that increase operational efficiencies, reduce double-handling and delivers the best user intelligent, intuitive, interactive experience possible,” Mr Betchley said.

“This new integration is another example of how Worksorted is adding real value and removing key pain points for advisers.”

Worksorted is currently in use by over 300 financial advisory businesses.

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