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BigFuture overhauls wealth management app

BigFuture overhauls wealth management app

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By elaina ·
March 16 2016

BigFuture overhauls wealth management app

Wealth-tracking fintech start-up BigFuture has released a second version of its wealth management application. 

The app now integrates automatic direct data feeds from banks, superannuation funds, share brokers and managed funds, a statement issued by the start-up said.

"BigFuture's aim from the start was to offer a complete wealth management package, enabling people to see what they own and how this changes with time," said BigFuture chief executive Donald Hellyer.

"Our objective is to develop an individual's confidence to make financial decisions," he added.

The application currently includes a retirement planning tool, which utilises a modelling function.

"[It allows] an individual to model the trade-off between a desired lifestyle and the probability they will run out of retirement savings," Mr Hellyer said.

Further, users have access to a library of education modules from beginner to expert.


In December 2015 the start-up raised $520,000 in capital from senior executives in the financial services sector.

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