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BT launches new app for advisers

BT launches new app for advisers

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By elaina ·
September 18 2015

BT launches new app for advisers

BT Financial Group has launched a new app that allows advisers to access Panorama, its wealth operating system, from their mobile devices. 

The Panorama app allows advisers to view details of their businesses, including a summary of total funds under administration, active accounts, net flows and fees as well as client account details, BT Financial Group said in a statement.

The group's general manager of platforms and operations, John Shuttleworth, said the app, which is available both on Android and iOS devices, comes in response to a demand for increased mobility.

"The busy nature of life these days means planners are demanding that technology providers make it easier for them to do business on-the-go. This means providing solutions that allow people to work effectively and efficiently in an agile setting," he said.

"Panorama's new app provides easy access to important business and client information, enabling advisers to view a real-time snapshot of portfolios via their mobile device."

Future releases of the app are expected to include more advanced portfolios management tools, additional asset classes and the automation of administrative processes, the statement said.


"This is the next step in a series of enhancements to the app that will deliver increased functionality, and alleviate the administrative burden on advisers by digitising time-consuming manual processes," Mr Shuttleworth said.

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