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BT Panorama announces SMSF offering

BT Panorama announces SMSF offering

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By elaina ·
December 15 2015

BT Panorama announces SMSF offering

BT has launched the first phase of its new SMSF offering, which allows financial advisers, accountants and their clients to collaborate on the creation and management of SMSF accounts via Panorama. 

In a statement, BT said the new solution will offer access to a range of investment options available on BT Panorama, which are intended to streamline the fund establishment process for individual trustees.

It also features administration capabilities, including a secure online document library, the production of individual member contribution statements and the ability to upload external assets onto the platform for a whole-of-fund view, BT said.

BT general manager for platforms and operations, John Shuttleworth, said th

e solution will be a useful addition for advisers, who understand the complex needs of SMSFs.

"SMSF clients don't suit a 'one size fits all' approach, given the diverse range of needs and preferences that these clients have. Recognising this, BT Panorama delivers SMSF clients a flexible solution where advisers can pick and choose what works for their clients and their business model," he said.

"Managing an SMSF involves collaboration between accountants, advisers and their clients so we have built a system that brings them together," Mr Shuttleworth added.


BT Panorama's SMSF administration service will be launched in early 2016.

In the statement, BT also said that Panorama will now offer a "complete investment menu" with the addition of listed securities to its options, including BT Cash, Term Deposits, Managed Portfolios and Managed Funds.

"With the launch of our SMSF offer and the ability to trade a wide range of ASX equities and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), BT Panorama is now attractive to a whole new set of clients," Mr Shuttleworth said.

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