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BT platform to offer sustainability scoring

BT platform to offer sustainability scoring

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By tstewart ·
February 28 2017

BT platform to offer sustainability scoring

BT's Panorama platform now offers advisers a 'sustainability score' for ASX200 companies as well as 200 managed funds.

BT's sustainability scoring, which is powered by data from research houses Morningstar and Sustainalytics, has been 'live' for financial advisers using Panorama since November 2016.

Morningstar first announced its partnership with Sustainalytics in August 2015, which led to the environmental, social and governance (ESG) scoring system now being used on BT's Panorama platform.

Under the new system, financial advisers will be provided with an ESG score for all of the companies in the ASX200 as well as 200 of the approximately 400 managed funds on the Panorama platform.

The launch of Panorama's ESG scoring system accompanies the release of BT's Australian Financial Health Index, which found 19 per cent of Australians consider sustainable investing to be 'extremely important'.

A further 28 per cent of those surveyed considered sustainable investing was 'very important', and 30 per cent said it was 'moderately important'.

The research also showed that 52 per cent of people who currently have a financial adviser are more likely to see sustainable investment as 'very' or 'extremely' important.


BT head of sustainability Emma Pringle said the survey results indicate that sustainable factors are "just as important and valid as the money the company makes."

"We are very proud to bring this new level of transparency to investors and to be able to provide advisers with a meaningful resource to engage with their clients about the things that may matter to them," Ms Pringle said.

"It makes sense that people who seek advice may be more interested in the way their money is invested. Certainly, awareness of sustainable preferences gives advisers another way to connect with their clients' personal values."

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