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BT sets up digital learning channel

BT sets up digital learning channel

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By elaina ·
September 04 2015

BT sets up digital learning channel

BT Group Licensees (BTGL) has launched a digital learning channel for advisers that enhances flexibility and endeavours to "drive a culture of learning".

The Learning Channel will provide advisers with education programs that help "drive a culture and community of learning", according to the group.

The BTGL Learning Channel will digitise professional development days, tailor adviser education programs to their experience levels, and increase adviser education while ensuring productivity and managing cost.

BT Financial Group general manager of BTGL Phil Butterworth said: "We want to set and challenge what is possible in the advice industry and this means being innovative in areas such as education and learning, which are key platforms in the professionalism of our advisers and of our industry."

The learning framework includes practice management, compliance, technical, insurance and investments, and celebrity lessons designed to inspire action.

There are 10 key learning topics and more than 35 educational and leadership videos on the site.

BTGL's head of licensee development Annick Donat was the key architect behind the BTGL Learning Channel.


"This new learning framework enables our advisers and broader support teams to access this tool in their own time versus the advice industry dictating a time," Ms Donat said.

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