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Capital Preferences joins Stone & Chalk

Capital Preferences joins Stone & Chalk

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By tlewis ·
March 18 2016

Capital Preferences joins Stone & Chalk

Global fintech firm Capital Preferences has joined Stone & Chalk, identifying the financial advice market as a key business focus. 

Capital Preferences - a risk profiling and product recommendation system for banks, super funds, insurers and wealth managers - joined Stone & Chalk to help Australians make better financial decisions, a company statement said.

Capital Preferences chief executive Bernard Del Ray said: "Stone & Chalk is an ideal home for us to conduct [research and development] and service Australian financial institutions and their customers."

"We will do so through emerging partnerships and direct work with financial advisers, and through the leading financial institutions that serve multiple financial needs," he said.

According to Mr Del Ray, it's no longer enough to know a client's goals and constraints.

"You need to understand and measure their actual preferences and understand how they make financial decisions.

"When you understand a client's preferences, you have the potential for scalable and customised advice and solutions that speak to each and every client at the deepest level," Mr Del Ray said.


Capital Preferences client development officer for Australia, Jamie Murray, said the company aims to replace "outdated and imprecise" client profiling methods.

He said the company uses game theory and econometrics to profile clients.

Clients play a series of simple investment games, allowing them to communicate their "true preferences" through decisions rather than words, the statement said.



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