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Centrepoint announces new underwriting tool

Centrepoint announces new underwriting tool

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By elaina ·
October 26 2016

Centrepoint announces new underwriting tool

Financial services firm Centrepoint Alliance has announced the launch of a new service to enhance the underwriting process for both advisers and clients.

According to a statement, Centrepoint has partnered with medical services provider Health Predictions to create Centrepoint Healthscreen.

The new initiative - which offers home or workplace visits for pathology, paramedical and medical examinations for life insurance purposes - will be rolled out next month and be exclusive to Centrepoint-aligned advisers.

Centrepoint life insurance specialist David Spiteri said this will enable advisers to order, track and monitor pathology requests.

"Advisers will have a dedicated resource and telephone line to enable them to make contact and arrange any pathology requests," Mr Spiteri said.

"As the service is mobile and operates in all capital cities and most rural locations, clients have the option of having any pathology testing for insurance purposes in the comfort of their home, work or any desired location."

Mr Spiteri added that the new service makes the underwriting process "more timely and efficient" for both advisers and clients.


"When it comes to life insurance, Centrepoint believes there is no substitute for good advice so people can receive the cover that will meet their expectations in the event of a claim," he said.

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