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CFS introduces managed accounts solution

CFS introduces managed accounts solution

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By Larissa Waterson ·
May 23 2017

CFS introduces managed accounts solution

Colonial First State has announced it will now offer managed account capabilities across its FirstWrap and FirstChoice platforms.

While the company already has more than $6 billion in managed account structures through the FirstWrap platform, Colonial First State said the new offering "will complement existing multi-manager and model portfolio offers".


Colonial First State general manager for product and investments Peter Chun said the managed accounts capabilities "will answer a range of broad needs" within the independent financial advice space.

Mr Chun said the new service will combine "both our scale and flexibility to offer solutions across our platforms, including tailored managed accounts for licensees as well as assisting advisers to efficiently manage their clients' portfolios".

Financial advisers will be able to select a number of client preferences within their managed account portfolios so individual clients' beliefs, ethics and "personal trade restrictions" could be included.

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