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CFS launches new mobile app for advisers

CFS launches new mobile app for advisers

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By elaina ·
February 09 2016

CFS launches new mobile app for advisers

Colonial First State (CFS) has launched a new mobile app, providing advisers access to rate information regarding income tax, superannuation and other areas. 

In a statement, CFS said the initial release of the FirstTech app will be free to advisers and will be available on Apple and Android devices.

"With the FirstTech app at their fingertips, financial advisers will have fast and convenient access to the latest rates and thresholds in relation to income tax, superannuation, income streams, social security and aged care," CFS head of retail sales Rick Di Cristoforo said.

"It is part of CFS' commitment to provide advisers with tools and functionality that allows them to spend less time on administration and more time delivering quality advice to clients," he said.

According to CFS, FirstTech will update its information about the app automatically. The app is expected to see several upgrades over time.


"CFS is also committed to regularly adding more functionality and features to the app," Mr Di Cristoforo said.

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