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Class partners with MA Operator

Class partners with MA Operator

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By elaina ·
August 25 2016

Class partners with MA Operator

Class, a cloud software provider, has announced a partnership with fintech company MA Operator to extend the provision of its managed account and direct client services

In a statement, Class said that users will be able to securely and instantly automate client data entry and synchronise transactions in MA Operator.

The integrated service will further increase the efficiencies already offered by MA Operator, which reduces the cost and effort of administration, onboarding and the ongoing service obligations of monitoring and managing client portfolios, the statement said.

MA Operator also provides sophisticated rebalancing, analytics and automated return on assets generation.

Class chief executive Kevin Bungard said the company is excited to be working with MA Operator.

"MA Operator has the goal of bringing a whole new level of efficiency to the managed account industry, by automating the complete workflow for financial advisers," he said.


MA co-founder Shannon Bernasconi said: "As well as removing inefficiencies in the industry, we want to give advisers more power to construct portfolios that will demonstrate real value to their clients."

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