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CRM technology offers 'practical' innovation

CRM technology offers 'practical' innovation

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By Adrian Flores ·
November 15 2016

CRM technology offers 'practical' innovation

Advisers can take advantage of new technologies to improve their customer relationship management processes, according to virtual advice software provider SuiteBox Solutions.

Speaking on an XY Adviser webinar titled, 'How advisers can work with fintech', SuiteBox chief executive Ian Dunbar said that some great technology is being developed within the CRM space, of which advisers can take advantage.

"One of the really practical areas out there right now is how you're managing your CRM, and how you're managing your leads and your time," Mr Dunbar said.

"I think that that whole area is a space that can really make a big difference to businesses around client contact and communication."

Mr Dunbar said that, for advisers that are emailing their clients and not knowing exactly who's opened the emails, as well as knowing what pages on their website they went to, they can have "all of that analysis" and "implement all of that really quickly".

He further added that, when evaluating which fintech start-ups to use, the most important things to consider were knowing where to learn how to use the technology, as well as how to get support from that technology.


"In my view, where you really don't want to end up is going, 'OK, now I'm going to have to go and pay an industry consultant really to just help you get the best of that technology at that entry level'," he said.

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