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Crowd Mobile launches advice-focused Q&A app

Crowd Mobile launches advice-focused Q&A app

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By tlewis ·
March 10 2016

Crowd Mobile launches advice-focused Q&A app

Crowd Mobile has launched a financial services Q&A app, allowing users to ask advice and investment-related questions that would normally be directed to an adviser.

Crowd Mobile confirmed it has partnered with investment management firm Peak Asset Management to offer the advice-focused Q&A app.

"We believe this partnership revolutionises the way investors receive general advice by providing clients with greater flexibility, on-the-go convenience and technology on a global scale," said Peak Asset Management executive director Niv Dagan.

The app allows investors to ask personal financial questions and seek general investment advice from Peak AM for a fee of approximately $9.99 per question.

According to Crowd Mobile, users can ask questions on topics such as shares, property prices, dividends, term deposit rates, setting up a self-managed super fund and setting up a business.

Crowd Mobile chief executive Domenic Carosa said: "People are increasingly looking for personalised answers that go beyond the Google experience."


Mr Carosa said the company plans to introduce a range of Q&A apps to connect people with doctors, lawyers and veterinarians. Crowd Mobile currently offers apps on more general topics such as database administration.

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