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Data, robots and viral video: AI Summit agenda revealed

Data, robots and viral video: AI Summit agenda revealed

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By elaina ·
April 18 2019

Data, robots and viral video: AI Summit agenda revealed

The 2019 Adviser Innovation Summit will give forward-thinking financial advisers a unique look inside the hearts and minds of clients operating in an increasingly digital world.

Partnered by Netwealth, this year's agenda is packed with practical tips on video, podcasting and marketing essentials. Attendees will learn about the latest innovations being used in the wealth management industry to enhance customer experience and drive better outcomes for advice practices.

If you're looking to build a business infused with a culture of innovation, Martin Collins from the Mastercard Lab will reveal what it takes to drive a collaborative, creative team and prepare your troops to act, think and engage in an innovative way to keep your business ahead of the curve.

Some of the most successful advice practices in the industry will share their stories about how they thought outside the box and implemented new technologies - or created their own - to solve problems and boost efficiencies.

World renowned futurist Anders Sorman-Nilsson will deliver a fascinating keynote presentation about how to win what he calls the "digital minds and analogue hearts" of tomorrow's customers. This session is not to be missed, as the innovation strategist delves into the cross-section of digital channels and old-school operations, highlighting the major no-go zones when it comes to implementing a digital strategy.

Importantly, Anders will explain the key touch points that thrill adviser clients and speak to their hearts - not their minds.

With open banking around the corner, every financial services professional needs to be aware of the value of their data in this new environment. We've got you covered with an insightful session that shows you exactly how to maximise the data you already have to maximise your business, solve capability gaps and enhance your core value.


"Innovation in financial advice has never been more exciting or controversial than it is right now," Adviser Innovation editor James Mitchell said.

"That's why we've developed a comprehensive agenda that will appeal to all advisers, whether they are at the beginning of their digital journey or running highly innovative businesses that leverage data and harness the power of complex technologies," he said.

"Those attending this year's Adviser Innovation Summit will walk away empowered by what the future has in store for them, but more importantly, with a deeper understanding of what works and what doesn't when it comes to innovative strategies and new technology."

Book your tickets now for this must-attend event, which will be visiting the following cities:

Melbourne, 4 June 2019

Sydney, 6 June 2019

Brisbane, 12 June 2019

For more information on the Adviser Innovation Summit, click here.

To book early bird tickets, click here.

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