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Digital engagement increased among SMSF trustees

Digital engagement increased among SMSF trustees

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By Killian Plastow ·
December 09 2016

Digital engagement increased among SMSF trustees

The number of SMSF trustees and professionals engaging with digital tools and information has grown rapidly in the past twelve months, according to AMP Capital.

Data from AMP Capital's online SMSF services has shown a dramatic increase in the number of users, with membership to the company's online SMSF community doubling throughout 2016.

Additionally, the number of people downloading SMSF newsletters has grown 50 per cent, with whitepaper downloads also growing by 485 per cent, AMP Capital said.

"The more information SMSF trustees receive, the more they want, and they are becoming voracious consumers of information online, something we believe is linked with their desire for control of their retirement portfolio," said AMP Capital head of SMSF and self-directed wealth Tim Keegan.

Mr Keegan also noted other trends within the SMSF space, such as the increasing use of exchange traded managed funds and the ongoing interest in property and infrastructure opportunities.

"With interest rates still at historic lows, it's clear the lower-for-longer environment for investment returns isn't going to change any time soon," he said.


"Trustees are subsequently looking for new asset classes to invest in to give them the returns they need to meet their goals."

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