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Discovering the future of financial advice: A live webcast with QAR lead Michelle Levy

Discovering the future of financial advice: A live webcast with QAR lead Michelle Levy

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By Maja Garaca Djurdjevic ·
April 13 2023

Discovering the future of financial advice: A live webcast with QAR lead Michelle Levy

ifa invites you to discover the future of financial advice with QAR lead Michelle Levy and industry experts in a free, live webcast.

ifa is excited to announce it will host an in-depth discussion of the key recommendations from the Quality of Advice Review (QAR) in a live and free webcast featuring Michelle Levy, researcher and speaker Dr Katherine Hunt, and sponsored by industry leaders BT and HUB24.

The 60-minute webcast, hosted on 27 April at 11am, will explore some of the more controversial recommendations from Ms Levy, including the return of superannuation funds, insurers, and banks to the advice space.

The expert panel, alongside host Maja Garaca Djurdjevic, will also examine the technical aspects of the QAR and provide a hypothetical scenario to demonstrate how product providers and advisers could work together to benefit the industry and consumers alike.

“The recommendations will help consumers get information, guidance and advice that takes into account their personal circumstances — this can provide real financial benefits to consumers.  There is a lot of commentary about the recommendations — much of which seems to be commentary on commentary and sometimes that commentary is wrong and sometimes it is self-interested,” Ms Levy told ifa ahead of the webcast.

“I encourage people to read the report for themselves. The problems are substantial and financial institutions and financial advisers both have a role to play in solving them — the recommendations will help them to do so by making it easier for them to help customers and clients.

“If you join Maja and me on 27 April at 11am, you will be able to hear directly why I think supporting the recommendations is so important,” the QAR lead added.


Also commenting on the webcast, Dr Hunt said: “The more we talk about the QAR in a constructive way, the stronger a foundation we can build from which our profession can grow”.

“Talking about the QAR helps us to keep focused on the future of our profession, not on the past,” she said.

“I’m pumped to get to engage in real time with one of the most significant financial planning thinkers of our time — Michelle Levy herself!”

Moreover, Andrew Alcock, managing director of HUB24, emphasised the importance of the QAR and the role it plays in “paving a new way forward for our industry and for all Australians seeking a better financial future”.

“It also creates a clear pathway for a sustainable advice profession, empowering advisers to use their professional judgement, so we are pleased to be partnering with ifa and the other panellists to discuss this important topic,” Mr Alcock said.

BT’s head of financial literacy and advocacy, Bryan Ashenden, added that advice is the foundation to help Australians build a better financial future.

“The QAR is an opportunity for the industry to come together to bring meaningful change. We’re excited at BT to be a part of this webcast,” Mr Ashenden said.

Other topics covered by the webcast include changes to personal advice and SOAs; how advisers can ensure they give “good advice” and simplify compliance; how QAR recommendations might look in practice; and how technology can help bring affordable and high-quality advice to a wider audience.

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