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DomaCom wins disruption award

DomaCom wins disruption award

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By tlewis ·
October 07 2015

DomaCom wins disruption award

Property investment platform DomaCom has taken out the top prize in the disruption category at the recent Afiniation Showcase Awards.

Afiniation co-founder and head judge Marc Evans said the winner of the disruption category is "going to change the way that the financial markets work moving forward".

"We felt that DomaCom really is a new way to invest in the Australian property market, and that this new innovation will fundamentally disrupt the way people can invest in housing in Australia," Mr Evans said.

DomaCom CEO Arthur Naoumidis said: "Our objective in creating DomaCom was to make property more easily available and affordable to investors by eliminating the need to buy a whole property."

"I am very pleased to have the disruptive nature of the DomaCom Fractional Property Investment platform recognised by winning the Afiniation Showcase Disrupter Award," he said.


Mr Naoumidis also noted the importance of recognising the work that is being done in the innovation and fintech space.

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