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Ethical certification for advisers launched

Ethical certification for advisers launched

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By elaina ·
August 22 2017

Ethical certification for advisers launched

Advisers can now obtain an 'ethical financial advice' certification.

In a statement, advice consultancy firm Certainty Advice Group announced it has launched a certification mark for ethical advice — dubbed the 'Certainty Advice' mark.


"The mark certifies advisers who adhere to include common approaches: how value is determined for clients, how clients are engaged and re-engaged every year, and how advice is priced without conflict. Being comprehensive and priced on value, it's different from what most clients have experienced," Certainty Advice said.

Managing director of Certainty Advice Group Jim Stackpool said, "Since 2005, we have always had a simple objective — consistent and methodical delivery of comprehensive and ethical advice without any real or perceived conflict or incentives. So by creating this new certification mark — called Certainty Advice — we are certifying our approach to not only make it accessible to more advisers, but more Australians."

Mr Stackpool believes that while the new certification will take some time to take hold in the financial advice world, it will ultimately deliver comprehensive and ethical value for more Australians every year, the statement said.

"It's not for every adviser, but I do believe this form of financial advice will be more accepted by most Australians by 2030," Mr Stackpool said

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