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Fiducian enhances adviser software

Fiducian enhances adviser software

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By l.santacruz ·
March 14 2016

Fiducian enhances adviser software

Fiducian has announced that it will upgrade its financial planning software, enabling advisers to make immediate changes to client portfolios.

In a statement, the ASX-listed financial services provider said the latest phase will allow planners to implement "switch orders" directly from FORCe Deskstop after reviewing and modelling clients' portfolio changes.

Fiducian chief information officer Alan Dunne said: "Orders will flow through Fiducian Online and the Fiducian platform to ensure recommendations can be implemented almost immediately after being authorised by the financial planner."

"Planners can track changes on Fiducian Online as well as view any confirmation correspondence sent to clients. Clients' portfolios are updated within FORCe as orders are completed."

FORCe Desktop will also be updated soon to be integrated with Fiducian's other advice solutions, the statement said.

"The integration with Fiducian Online as well as the Fiducian platform ensures that the planning network has a holistic solution to meet clients' needs," the company said.

"The next phase planned will deliver platform client correspondence directly to electronic client files within FORCe.


"This will also be a huge benefit for the efficiency and productivity of the planner's business and move ever closer to a paperless work environment."

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