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Financial projections a 'powerful' engagement tool

Financial projections a 'powerful' engagement tool

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By Killian Plastow ·
May 10 2017

Financial projections a 'powerful' engagement tool

Introducing clients to economic projections of their wealth and retirement income early in the relationship can help drive sales and engagement, according to goals-based advice software provider Investfit.

Speaking to Adviser Innovation, Investfit co-founder Ed de Salis said showing economic projections to clients can prompt stronger engagement by showing them the importance of working with their adviser.

"It will trigger a feeling, clients will say 'I know that I'm spending $100,000 a year at the moment in my living expenses but I'm only looking at $65,000 a year in my retirement income at a high level of certainty; that seems a bit low, I need to make some important decisions today'," Mr de Salis said.

Mr de Salis said this interaction provided a useful launch point to commence having more detailed discussions with clients.

"Showing the projections in front of them on a screen that prompts those questions, it becomes very provocative and the client knows they need to make some decisions, they need to work with their adviser to do that," he said.


"It's actually quite powerful, because advisers are able to enter some information, show some long-term projections with a high level of certainty and people will then take note because they can see it in the first meeting."

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