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Findex launches new online advice platform

Findex launches new online advice platform

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By tlewis ·
October 01 2015

Findex launches new online advice platform

Accounting and financial advice group Findex has launched a new online advice platform, ASK Crowe Horwath.

ASK Crowe Horwath is an online financial problem-solving service that allows questions to be posed by the general public and answered by Crowe Horwath advisers.

Thomas Paule, the head of marketing and eCommerce at Findex, said the platform aims to provide a simple point of access to professional financial opinions.

"Crowe Horwath clients have a trusted adviser at the centre of their relationship with the firm who ensures they receive timely and strategic advice over a wide range of issues," Mr Paule said.

"We want others to be able to experience this first hand. We are giving them a taste of our knowledge, skills, style and level of care, without any obligations or charge."

Mr Paule said technology is at the centre of this advice approach.

"Essentially, we are harnessing technology to build and enhance relationships with the market and prospective clients," he said.


Findex, which partnered with fintech start-up FinancialAsk to provide the service, said the platform is structured so an enquiry will be answered within 24 hours.

"It's also an opportunity for users to get a second opinion, something that may be daunting and difficult for many in this sector," said Mr Paule.

FinancialAsk founder Andrew Lai said: "Findex's massive network of business and private clients gives the product excellent prospects for success."

"We have great admiration for the Findex business and their culture of innovation and technology," Mr Lai added.

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