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How the pandemic has strengthened the advisers-client relationship

How the pandemic has strengthened the advisers-client relationship

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By Maja Garaca Djurdjevic ·
January 07 2022

How the pandemic has strengthened the advisers-client relationship

Technology has strengthened an adviser’s capabilities and facilitated the creation of a deeper relationship with clients.

While hesitation was the norm at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, advisers quickly took to new technologies such as Zoom for their client communication.

Speaking on a recent episode of the ifa Show, Alison Dellow, from Hewison Private Wealth, revealed how technology allowed her to better her client engagement.

“Having conversations with clients while they’re in their own home and while we’re at home as well, you see another side of each other as just human beings, which I think is a great thing,” Ms Dellow said.

“My belief is that it has strengthened our relationship. I’ve met kids online. I’ve met pets online…”

Ms Dellow believes that the pace at which digital collaboration became a core part of our lives helped advisers adapt and adjust to workplace disturbances.

“Even with family and friends, it was the only way we could connect. Once clients embraced that change, that’s when they become more open to having more serious meetings online,” Ms Dellow said.


And while screen fatigue is becoming a thing among many, clients are increasingly enjoying the digital relationship.

“Now there is more flexibility, so going forward we have that capability, we have that flexibility,” Ms Dellow said.

With the rapid digital adoption driven by COVID-19 set to continue as tech-savvy Millennials enter the pool of Aussies hungry for advice, Ms Dellow believes advisers will need to rely on their newly acquired skills.

“Having those systems and processes in place would allow us to be that nimble,” Ms Dellow said.

To hear more, tune in to the podcast here.

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