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HUB24 adds new managed account portfolios

HUB24 adds new managed account portfolios

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By Jon Bragg ·
November 17 2021

HUB24 adds new managed account portfolios

The actively managed portfolios target specific risk-return outcomes.

Managed account portfolios from Dynamic Asset have been added to HUB24’s IDPS Choice menu.

By targeting specific risk-return outcomes, Dynamic Asset said that its actively managed portfolios help advisers meet the specific goals of their clients.

According to the firm, which was established by a group of financial advisers in 2013, the portfolios are part of a complete off-the-shelf managed account solution that has been developed to enable business growth and scalability for advisers.

“We share HUB24’s aim to make it easier and more efficient for advisers to provide services that today’s clients demand,” said Dynamic Asset managing director Matthew Walker.

“Furthermore, market demand for Dynamic Asset’s differentiated managed account solution is growing. Being on Australia’s most popular platform means that many more advisers and clients will gain access to a solution that will benefit both clients and advice businesses.”

Dynamic Asset’s “highly differentiated and valuable proposition” is designed to increase the efficiency of service delivery and potentially free up more time to spend with clients, develop new business and reduce operational costs.


Its differentiated portfolios can be used to manage client portfolios either individually or blended into an overall portfolio that matches an individual’s unique investment goals.

“The portfolios provide advisers with a retail solution to the approach taken by many institutional investors and astute advisers seeking to capitalise on today’s changing market and economic conditions,” the firm said.

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