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Ignition rolls out 'off-the-shelf' robo

Ignition rolls out 'off-the-shelf' robo

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By elaina ·
April 07 2016

Ignition rolls out 'off-the-shelf' robo

Robo-advice firm Ignition Wealth will launch new technology that allows financial planning practices to offer automated advice via their websites.

In a statement, Ignition Wealth said the new product, called Teams, is also available for white label and may be customised to meet clients' needs. It will be launched on 14 April during the Melbourne Afiniation Fintech Showcase.

"The wealth industry has traditionally been paper-based and the first opportunity is to bring those processes, including buying and selling of stocks and reporting, into an online experience," said Ignition Wealth CTO Mike Giles.

"We looked at how to mimic the more mundane areas of data capture, to allow the customer to do more of the data entry and administration and free the advisers' time up for evaluating and giving advice."

Mr Giles added that embedding Teams onto a website is "as easy as embedding a YouTube video".

"Through working with our industry superfund clients over the past six years, we have learnt the importance of making tools and calculators easy for our partners to embed into their existing sites," he said.


"Our white-label model allows financial services businesses to massively expand their potential customer base, greatly increasing their total business opportunity."

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