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Ignition Wealth launches new B2B and B2C websites

Ignition Wealth launches new B2B and B2C websites

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By tlewis ·
April 29 2016

Ignition Wealth launches new B2B and B2C websites

Robo-advice firm Ignition Wealth has divided its business into two segments, launching new websites that separately target the business-to-business and direct-to-consumer markets.

The company said business-to-business customers will be served through the automated platform and website Ignition Wealth, while consumers will use a platform and website named Ignition Direct.

Ignition Wealth chief executive Mark Fordree said: "Following the rapid expansion of the business-to-business arm of our company, we have created a site entirely dedicated to our business partners' needs."

"The Ignition Wealth site is now specifically targeted at financial institutions, financial advisers and wealth and accountancy practices," Mr Fordree said.

Through the new Ignition Wealth site, advisers can access a variety of information including white label and co-branded solutions.

Ignition Direct has also enhanced its offerings, providing users with calculators and education tools. Via this platform, consumers can complete their fact find, review and accept their portfolio, complete the identity verification and fund their account.

"Separating the business and consumer brands ensures that all areas of our customer base are served at the highest level," Mr Fordree said.


"We are excited to see our company evolving and developing with such momentum," he added.

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