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Improving client engagement through 'choice channels'

Improving client engagement through 'choice channels'

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By elaina ·
April 22 2017

Improving client engagement through 'choice channels'

Advisers can make use of 'choice channels' to better engage with their clients, according to Suitebox's Andy Marshall.

Mr Marshall told Adviser Innovation that in his new e-book, Client Engagement for Financial Advisors, 'choice channels' are where advisers direct prospects towards choices that match their goals and provide examples of like clients that the appropriate choices have worked for.

"[Advisers] can create education portals and engagement tools from simple questionnaires to gamified diagnostics to engage and educate at the front end well before a prospect has sought advice," Mr Marshall said.

"Once engaged, they can ask better questions about life experience, financial literacy, personal choice preferences and assess learning styles to move quicker to an empowered client."

Additionally, Mr Marshall said he is confident human advisers can compete with robo-advisers.

"Yes, solely because people are social beings and trust is best achieved eye-to-eye," he said.


"Consequently, if an adviser can provide the engagement above and the efficiency that robo tools deliver, then the human adviser has the upper hand because of the human connection."

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