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Industry super fund to offer Decimal software

Industry super fund to offer Decimal software

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By Killian Plastow ·
October 14 2016

Industry super fund to offer Decimal software


South Australia-based industry superannuation fund Statewide Super has announced it will roll out Decimal's Eqilize software to its members, giving them access to digital financial advice services.

Statewide Super will introduce the robo-advice software out as part of "a broader system upgrade and expansion project" due to begin in November 2016, Decimal said.

"One of our drivers was to integrate digital advice with phone as well as internal and third party face-to-face advisory services, which are areas in which other Decimal clients have had success," said Statewide Super head of member experience Tony D'Alessandro.

"That omni-channel approach is important for Statewide Super to enable us to provide members with services that suit their individual needs."

Mr D'Alessandro added that Decimal was "an ideal fit" and aligned well with Statewide Super's objectives, as well as being compliant with ASIC's digital advice guidelines.

Decimal chief executive Nic Pollock said that "the superannuation sector is embracing digital technology" as part of a move to improve customer experience.


"Statewide Super is similar to many providers that understand the benefits digital financial advice provides for extending member services, but as an industry super fund, they needed to be sure of the scope, costs and outcomes," he said.

The roll out of Eqilize to members is set to be "switched on as soon as other systems and infrastructure are in place", Mr D'Alessandro said.

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