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Infocus enhances partnership with Praemium

Infocus enhances partnership with Praemium

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By elaina ·
November 13 2015

Infocus enhances partnership with Praemium

Infocus Wealth Management has extended its managed accounts partnership with Praemium to enable straight through processing for advisers and improve administration capabilities.

Infocus's Platformplus financial planning system will be integrated into the Praemium separately managed accounts (SMA) platform, allowing Infocus and PATRON advisers to generate application forms and invest clients into the Infocus Managed Accounts product from within their financial planning software.

Infocus managing director Rod Bristow said: "Integrating PlatformPlus with the Infocus Managed Accounts platform is a logical next step for Infocus, as it will enable through processing, from fact find all the way to opening and investing client's managed account portfolio. I am proud to say this is an industry first."

In May, Infocus announced that it had struck a deal with Praemium to develop a managed accounts solution for its advisers.

In a statement, Infocus said the solution - developed by Praemium - adds to the group's existing managed funds model portfolio solution and provides an SMA platform for its advisers.

Commenting on the launch, Mr Bristow said the managed accounts solution was developed in response to demand from advisers across the dealer group.


"This offers a completely automated SMA investment option for advisers and their clients. It's ideal for SMSF and high net worth clients seeking transparency, cost-effectiveness and flexibility in investment management and reporting," Mr Bristow said.

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