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IOOF Alliances issues compliance tool

IOOF Alliances issues compliance tool

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By elaina ·
June 22 2018

IOOF Alliances issues compliance tool

IOOF Alliances has launched a new service in partnership with Integrity Compliance, designed to assist self-licensed members meet their compliance obligations.

In a statement, IOOF Alliances said it will give its members access to "a range of AFSL support", including access to Integrity Compliance's software to assist members manage their compliance obligations.

"Our recent survey of self-licensed advice businesses revealed that self-licensed AFSLs are focused on rigorous compliance and effectiveness in managing their compliance requirements," said IOOF Alliances national manager Andy Marshall

"Having access to a technology solution provides our members with enormous robustness and certainty for their compliance processes."


The statement added that IOOF Alliances members are also "trialling new advice software" and engaging in a number of business growth initiatives, which IOOF Alliances members listed as areas of "strong desire" in a recent survey.

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