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IOOF releases new engagement tools

IOOF releases new engagement tools

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By elaina ·
November 10 2017

IOOF releases new engagement tools

In a move designed to help advisers better connect with their clients, IOOF Alliances has launched a number of new engagement tools.

The new tools were released following an internal survey conducted by the organisation, which found advisers wanted "practical tools and expertise" to drive efficiency in advice delivery, client engagement and compliance.

The company also found advisers wanted to learn from peers as to how best-of-breed services can help meet clients' best interests.

"Self-licensed businesses may be fiercely independent, but they all strive for above-average client engagement scores and profitability," said IOOF Alliances national manager Andy Marshall.

"Facilitating knowledge sharing amongst its member firms is one way that IOOF Alliances helps self-licensed businesses maintain these metrics in the face of changing customer profiles and increased regulatory requirements."


The tools and templates issued by IOOF Alliances cover "brand positioning, pricing methodologies, client psychology and an end-to-end client experience assessment", the company said.

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