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IRESS developing new platform with Sentry

IRESS developing new platform with Sentry

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By elaina ·
June 28 2016

IRESS developing new platform with Sentry

IRESS have partnered Sentry and will be working with the dealer group to create a new advice platform for Sentry's authorised representatives

Sentry chief executive and chairman Murray Hills said in a statement that the Sentrak solution will assist advisers in growing their practices by maximising business efficiency and delivery of compliant advice, client service and engagement.

"Sentrak will deliver a myriad of facilities including production of statements of advice (SOAs), customer relationship management (CRM), revenue management and flows, streamline administrative activities and many more," Mr Hills said.

"Furthermore, it will strengthen Sentry's position and reputation as an innovative, adviser-focused leading independent licensee."

An additional feature of the technology will be its integration and facilitation of alliances and relationships between the licensee, its advisers and industry partners and product/service providers, the statement said.

Sentry's executive director and head of business solutions, David Newman, said the Sentrak solution goes far beyond compliance, production of an SOA, and recording client details on a CRM database.

"[Sentrak] will significantly improve the time taken by new practices joining the national licensee to integrate and get up to speed with our processes and practices," Mr Newman said.


Sentrak will go live through a gradual roll-out across Sentry's adviser network starting in July, the statement said.

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