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Lifeplan launches online portal

Lifeplan launches online portal

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By elaina ·
June 23 2016

Lifeplan launches online portal

Fund manager Lifeplan has rolled out a new online portal to enable monitoring and transactions, following "extensive consultation" with advisers and investors.

In a statement, the company said it developed the investor portal after the successful launch of the adviser portal in November 2014.

"The Lifeplan investor portal has been developed in response to adviser and investor demand for the ability to self-service online," said Lifeplan head, Matt Walsh.

"The secure online portal provides a user-optimised digital experience with functionality designed around what advisers and investors have said they want."


The new design is intended to allow investors to easily view policy information and change contact details via their mobile and desktop.

"Increasingly, Australians are conducting their financial affairs over their mobile phones, and it is paramount that any online initiative adopt this 'mobile first' design philosophy," Mr Walsh said.

"With the increasing proliferation of technology - even among older investors - today's tech savvy generation of investors is looking for a convenient and secure digital experience when purchasing new products and maintaining online accounts.

"The new Lifeplan portal provides this with easy and secure access to account balances, transaction history, tax portion statements, useful forms, and answers to frequently asked questions."

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