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Lonsec introduces new capability to iRate

Lonsec introduces new capability to iRate

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By elaina ·
April 07 2017

Lonsec introduces new capability to iRate

Lonsec has updated its iRate platform to assist advisers better tailor their research and investment solutions using specific investment criteria.

In a statement, Lonsec said the new capability integrates with the platform's portfolio construction tool and enables users to assess and target exposure to specific investment objectives.

The Lonsec's BIOmetric rating functionality helps advisers determine the risks, costs and features of a financial product, which can be used in providing tailored investment advice.

"What is new is the ability to utilise BIOmetric's ratings when building or assessing portfolios or approved product lists (APLs). This new functionality integrates with Lonsec's iRate platform, allowing users to navigate Lonsec's entire rated financial product universe to find financial products that best match your client's investment objectives," Lonsec said.

"Used in conjunction with Lonsec's traditional fund ratings, users can create a more personalised advice experience while meeting the industry's best interest requirements."

Lonsec said the new feature helps advisers meet rising investor demand for tailored solutions in a market that is overcrowded with financial products.

Lonsec Research chief executive Matt Olsen said, "Currently there is a mismatch between the financial advice industry's focus on investment objectives and the ability of current research tools to provide a tailored solution.


"Individual investors can have multiple objectives that go beyond simply generating income or reducing volatility. They may want to invest ethically, reduce their portfolio's complexity or manage different types of risk.

"Building solutions around these objectives can be a daunting process. That's why we have introduced these new capabilities."

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