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Managed funds added to BT wealth operating system

Managed funds added to BT wealth operating system

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By elaina ·
September 08 2015

Managed funds added to BT wealth operating system

BT Financial Group has updated its wealth operating system, Panorama, in order to enhance the way investors and advisers interact with their portfolios. 

Panorama will now include access to over 300 funds from 70 managers across a range of sector, specialist and wholesale managed funds, a BT-issued statement said.

BT general manager of platforms and operations John Shuttleworth said: "People want flexible, intuitive, comprehensive systems that allow them to view and managed a complete picture of their financial affairs all in one place."

"The cutting edge technology behind Panorama will allow advisers and investors to access, organise and interact with their wealth portfolio in a seamless manner."

"The introduction of managed funds builds on the success of previous releases, including managed portfolios, cash and term deposits, and is the next step in Panorama's mission to transform the way advisers and clients view and manage their wealth portfolios," said Mr Shuttleworth.

Other upcoming releases include the introduction of a self-managed superannuation fund solution and direct equities to allow individuals to trade on the ASX.

"This will provide advisers and their clients with a full investment platform while Panorama's functional, intuitive and elegantly simple interface will make it easier for advisers to manage their client's portfolios, increasing productivity and reducing the complexity of many of these processes," Mr Shuttleworth said.


"As we continue to roll out new offerings, clients will have the increasing ability to see, access and transact across all their banking and wealth products, all in one place." he said.

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